Geologic sinergies for the environment
Internal training
Guided tour of a contaminated site, with innovative remediation techniques

Sinergeo's professional training initiatives continue.

The visit of an important, complex and articulated environmental remediation work, in which Sinergeo is an active part as Works Director, has allowed us to observe some innovative groundwater remediation technologies directly in the field.

Among these, we highlight the thermal desorption technology called ISTT (In Situ Thermal Treatment), affecting an area of about 4300 square meters, a maximum depth of 15 m and a volume to be treated of 32,000 cubic meters.

The subsoil heating phase will begin soon and it will last for at least 8 months, removing and collecting the main contaminants (organic solvents) from a series of extraction wells, and then treating them through several chemical and physical processes.

A new challenge, a new opportunity ... we'll talk again in 2020!