Geologic sinergies for the environment
Collaboration with USGS
Long Island

After three months of hard work, the in-locus collaboration with the USGS is coming to an end.
As part of her industrial PhD project, Sinergeo sponsored our colleague, Mara Meggiorin, to work with a team of USGS hydrologists and geophysicists at their Long Island, New York program office to assist them with their ongoing regional groundwater sustainability project.  A primary focus of this study is to characterize saltwater intrusion and how it may affect local water-supply systems.
Mara contributed to the development of the model being built to assess saltwater intrusion. She also expanded her knowledge of (1) groundwater and surface-water sampling techniques in accordance with the strict USGS standard operating procedures, (2) surface geophysical time-domain electromagnetic methods, (3) the specifics of American PFAS issues and (4) the issues of nutrient loading to coastal waters through the participation in public meetings and talking to USGS experts on the topic.
The collaboration between University of Padova and USGS will not end here. Mara Meggiorin will continue to collaborate with her USGS colleagues on the Long Island sustainability project to help finalize the groundwater-flow model and improve upon the simulations of saltwater intrusion!
Given the very positive experience, we are confident that additional opportunities like this will be possible in the future.