Geologic sinergies for the environment
New water resources from deep underground reservoirs rocks
(key step in tacking PFAS water contamination)

Sinergeo is at the forefront to support Veneto Aqueduct’s Managers in searching for alternative drinking groundwater sources to replace those impacted by perfluoroalkyl compounds.
Unprecedented exploratory initiatives were initiated ss part of the research undertaken on behalf of Viacqua S.p.A., aimed at identifying virgin underground reservoirs eligible to meet users demand in medium -long term period.
Recent experimental results, acquired through a drilling activity conducted in the Municipality of Recoaro Terme, suggest the feasibility of drawing drinking water from an aquifer intercepted almost 200 m deep within the rock complex of the “Main” Dolomite - Dolomia Principale (upper Triassic - Norian= 220 million years ago).
The productivity of this system, locally intensively fractured due to tectonic causes, indicates the possibility of drawing approximately 1000 water cubic meters / day.
Analytical tests initially performed confirm groundwater purity and suitability for human use (respecting the limits fixed by the national drinking-water legislation).
The geo-structural conditions characterizing the intercepted reservoir favour the natural protection from pollution phenomena and / or other anthropogenic impacts and exclude negative interference with other aqueduct intakes.
The ongoing investigations could guide further developments and future exploration programs, with the aim of characterizing valuable drinking water resources capable of compensate and provide an alternative to the ones impacted by pollution phenomena like the environmental effects attributable to the well-known PFAS emergency in Veneto.