Geologic sinergies for the environment
New water resources from deep underground reservoirs rocks
(key step in tacking PFAS water contamination) - #02

Sinergeo achieves another relevant result in searching for alternative drinking groundwater resources in the norther mountain area of Vicenza province.
During new exploratory initiatives, undertaken on behalf of Viacqua S.p.A. in Cappellazzi area in Recoaro Terme (VI), was intercepted an underground reservoir within the evaporite unit of the "Bellerophon" Limestone Formation (Upper Permian).
The hydrostructure is locally conditioned by the presence of tectonic dislocations which seems to favour high quantity water circulation.
At the conclusion of the first pumping test were extracted flow rates exceeding 45 l/s (almost 4000 cubic meters/day), undoubtedly interesting for the aqueduct practice.
In the coming weeks will be performed further characterization tests aimed to verify the long-term productivity of the system and the hydrochemical conditions of the groundwater.
This area has been first studied in 1991 when Dr. Giuseppe Ghezzi of Pisa (Getas) performed surface geological surveys and geophysical prospections to determine the most suited sectors for water research.