Geologic sinergies for the environment
The definition of Wellhead Protection Areas for the public water supply wells in Verona's municipality
A great commitment, the next goal, a new environmental responsibility

Sinergeo has won the tender for carrying out a new hydrogeological research programme at the 6 major well-fields supplying the public water system of Verona Municipality. 
The assignment begins with the characterization of 32 active wells, which are currently delivering a total of about 30 million cubic meters per year of excellent quality groundwater.
To carry out the activities, sophisticated and complex technical approaches will be applied, ensuring the compliance with the national and local regulations.
The Wellhead Protection approach is a strategy designed to protect public drinking water supplies by managing the land surface around a well where human activities or natural events might affect the quality of the water.
Moreover, the results of the investigation will constitute the basis for the development and implementation of the Water Safety Plans, that integrate risk assessment and management practices into a drinking-water supply system, ensuring water quality from the catchment to the consumer.
To ensure the best management of the activities along the one-year time required for carrying out the tests, field measurements and interpretative hydrogeological investigations, Sinergeo will employ about ten graduate and specialized  technicians, with many years of experience in the field of pumping tests, automatic monitoring of aquifers, statistical data processing and numerical modelling for groundwater forecasting. The validation of the final results will involve the expert advice of a member of Sinergeo's team who has officially obtained the certification of "team leader" for WSP implementation, in accordance with the National guidelines.
Thanks to this prestigious and important assignment, Sinergeo consolidates its experience in well testing and hydrogeological consulting, supporting the decision-makers of the water supply manager