Geologic sinergies for the environment
Completion of PhD project
Collaboration between Sinergeo and the University of Padua

We are happy to announce that last week Mara Meggiorin officially concluded her executive PhD. She defended the PhD project carried out as a collaboration between Sinergeo and the DICEA of the University of Padua. 
In these three years, Mara has developed a flow model of the aquifer system of the Bacchiglione basin with an in-depth analysis of the groundwater level time series collected by Sinergeo. In her thesis, Mara finds that thanks to the presence of a spread monitoring network and of automatic level measurements, it is possible to carry out multiple statistical analyzes that allow a better understanding of the groundwater resource dynamics and therefore allowing a more critical and accurate modeling of the aquifer system. 
The technical skills developed throughout this collaboration and the propensity for research and innovation will certainly support and stimulate our future activities and research.