Geologic sinergies for the environment

Sinergeo is a multi-disciplinary structure in which professional figures and high-quality technical skills can satisfy public and private orders related to geological, engineering and environmental matters.

Work and research experiences, matured in more than ten years of activity, prove that Sinergeo can provide reliable services and specialized advice and research on numerous geological topics and environmental issues by

  • adopting dynamical standards of business management and environmental audit,
  • applying the most advanced methods of research and numerical modelling,
  • using state-of-the-art systems and equipments for data acquisition and data processing,
  • joining in a functional network of external accredited partners,
  • taking part on constant training activities.

The company can give support on:

  • planning and development of geophysical surveying,
  • planning and execution of geological and hydrogeological tests for site characterization,
  • planning and execution of field measurement, in-depth surveys and sampling,
  • installation and rental of automatic stations for environmental monitoring,
  • data management and system maintenance,
  • processing of experimental data

The company provides project and report editing, drawing up of technical surveys, commissioning, submission of legal applications, assistance on insurance and legal matters and in general it manages professional assignments coordinating its consulting activity with complementary services.

Sinergeo operates in Vicenza since 1992.