Applied geology

For all things are from the earth and to the earth all things come in the end (Xenophanes)


Sinergeo offers specialized services and expert advice for public and private clients, in the field of technical geology and applied geosciences.

We support our clients throughout the process, using detailed studies and new research methods. We are always willing to fine-tune our innovative tech solutions, which are inspired by experience and aimed at gaining knowledge.

Digital technologies are used to harvest and process the data. An impressive database, which is fully computerized and has been constantly updated for decades, houses the results of our work with the land.

Application areas and services

  • excavation procedures and management
  • exploratory campaigns with direct and indirect geological investigation methods
  • geotechnical, geomechanical and environmental drilling surveys
  • lithostratigraphic and geohydrological parameters
  • sampling of soil, subsoil, surface water and groundwater, air and interstitial gases
  • research to support implementation of road layouts, infrastructure works and underground sub-services
  • specific surveys for foundation works, special support or consolidation works
  • analysis of infiltration and siphoning problems
  • gravitational phenomena associated with potential and ongoing hydrogeological instability in slopes
  • bore testing
  • research, extraction and use of soil materials
  • mining management in plain and mountain context
  • feasibility for extension of existing authorized mining sites
  • interpretation of aerial photos and satellite images
  • topographic and morphological surveys
  • data processing in geographical information system (GIS)