Research and training


Professional development


At Sinergeo, the relationship between theory (research) and practice (the operational side) is a vital one, as we progressively alternate knowledge with application. Training and professional practice complement each other and are closely interlinked. Research is a fundamental part of forging a technical personality with modern, specialist knowledge. But it becomes even more important in the next phases (APC), when opportunities for systematic learning are essential factors in keeping pace with the times, to ensure that planning takes place according to the standards of the digital millennium, while brown-bag meetings keep our team cohesive and tight-knit.
The problems we deal with are becoming increasingly complex and require detailed analysis, specialized training and advanced know-how. Our investments in training, research and development have always been a great source of success and pride. 

Education and seminars



We have also consolidated our achievements with a series of scientific reporting and lecturing initiatives. Educational events add further value to our professional activity, starting with content sharing and dissemination. By sharing knowledge and resources, we can access new data and make it easier to capitalize on our information assets. This approach also triggers collaborative dynamics and competitive advantages and also forges stimulating, proactive relationships, leading to the critical debate that is essential in project development.
Our specialists attend conferences and congresses, present reports and publish articles. They are members of scientific and editorial boards, of association committees and technical commissions at national level.
Communication helps to complete the network of learning, spread knowledge and increase the social value of our business.





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