Measurements for a conscious groundwater management


Sinergeo's automatic network is composed of almost 400 sensors that continuously acquire data for groundwater monitoring.

Most of the sensors guard Vicenza aquifers, expanding into the neighbouring provinces territories.

Recent data converge in supporting rather alarming technical interpretations of the quantitative situation.

Trends highlight decreasing levels and a current minimum piezometric picture, suggesting the possibility of further criticalities in the coming summer period, connected with the lack of water supplies.

Information indicate the impelling need to intervene concretely and simultaneously on multiple operational levels: from savings to reuse, from restoration to artificial recharging.

Field measurements make the phenomenology taking place in the subsoil more visible than ever: they also allow to alert decision-makers about the need for an aware management of the resource.

A real change of course is urgently needed, in order to develop effective and sustainable strategies and structural interventions that can no longer be postponed, aimed at protecting the precious underground public heritage.