Sinergeo welcomes 2022 with a new and ambitious "Groundwater Project"


The incoming year is globally dedicated to celebrating the vital role of groundwater.

In particular, March 22, 2022 will be completely dedicated to making visible what can not been seen.

To contribute through this fundamental path, which draws humble origins from the sharing of knowledge, Sinergeo supports an international initiative.

The mission of The Groundwater Project is to provide accessible, engaging, high-quality, educational materials, free-of-charge online in many languages, to all who want to learn about groundwater and understand how groundwater relates to and sustains ecological systems and humanity.

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Knowledge is sharing

Groundwater Learning for Everyone Everywhere (

Groundwater: making visible the invisible (

“ … an invisible landscape conditions the visible one; everything that moves in the sunlight is driven by the lapping wave enclosed beneath the rock’s calcareous sky” (Italo Calvino, Le città invisibili, Einaudi, 1972).

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